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Motivation Monday - Set Your Intention anxiety arrow emotion goal goal setting goals health girl healthgirl intention mindful monday mindfulness monday motivation motivation monday wellness wordle May 09, 2022

Welcome to a new week, where you get to start fresh on whatever goals you choose to work towards.

So, what will it be?

What will you work on?

Whatever it is, set your intention to achieve it.

Take your goal, break it into little tiny pieces, and then set your intention, like an arrow.

That arrow...

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Motivation Monday - Make Your Movie Life anxiety emotion feeling goals health girl healthgirl mindfulness monday monday motivation positivity self care self help wellness wellness reboot May 02, 2022

Welcome to a new month, new week and new Monday!

This week will go the way you want it to - you have a choice to follow the flow or create your own reality.

What I mean is this: whatever happens, you have the choice in how you react to it. You can take any event - positive or negative - and look...

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The Free 30-Day Wellness Reboot Starts Today - Join Us? challenge fitness free health girl healthgirl natural wellness positivity self care self help wellness wellness reboot yoga May 01, 2022
It’s here and I’m so excited!! You asked for a way to get back on track, and here is a judgement-free challenge to guide you!
FREE 30-Day May Wellness Reboot starts May 1, 2022
Join now, registration is limited! Has your...
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Thoughtful Thursday - Understanding Our Unique Silence anxiety breathe emotion feeling health girl healthgirl partner relationship self care self help silence thankful thankful thursday thankfulthursday wellness Apr 28, 2022

(Image via @thegoodquote on Instagram)

How do we communicate with others?

How do we allow others to communicate with us?

Do we get quiet and really listen, or are we too busy?

So often we think we know the people in our lives, that we know ourselves, but how often do we allow those unique...

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Wellness Wednesday - Why a Home Practice is Vital for Your Health accessible yoga anxiety chair yoga diy exercise family fitness goals health girl healthgirl how to how-to meditation natural wellness recipe self care self help wellness workout yoga Apr 27, 2022

Welcome to the new HealthGirl AnyTime Studio! This video gives you a tour of our new unlimited content library and shows how easy it is to use.

Now, I know a lot of you are going to say, "Ugh, I can't do at-home stuff, it just isn't me!"

Fair. I know doing things for your wellness on your own...

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Wellness Wednesday - Touch the Earth anxiety breathe earth earth day feeling ground health girl healthgirl mindfulness natural wellness positivity self care self help wellness wellness wednesday Apr 20, 2022

Today, take a moment to connect to the Earth.

You know, that big, blue ball that floats through space?

The one we live on, but don't always give a second thought to?

Yeah, that Earth.

Connect with it today.

Earth day is coming and we need to realize that we are more alike with Her than we are...

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Wellness Wednesday - Breathe to Heal all natural anxiety breathe health girl healthgirl how to how-to meditation natural wellness positivity self care self help wellness wellness wednesday Apr 13, 2022

Let's take a moment, just a moment, and breathe.

Sit for a moment, finding your comfortable seat, so that you are sturdy and grounded.

Relax your shoulders away from your ears.

Place a hand over your heart space, another over your abdomen.

Feel your breath as you breathe naturally.

Just notice...

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Motivation Monday - Plan Your Week of YOU anxiety breathe exercise fitness goals health girl healthgirl motivation monday positivity self care wellness yoga Apr 04, 2022

Happy Monday!

It's a new week - how will you make the most of it?

I don't mean by "being productive" in our society's sense of the word, where you judge your worth by your hustle or productivity or sales.

I mean, how will you make the most of your week with YOU?

Move your body at least 10...

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Self Care Saturday - How Do You Rest? anxiety breathe exercise fitness goal setting goals health girl healthgirl positivity wellness workout yoga Apr 02, 2022

Happy Saturday! Hopefully this is a day off for you (if not, re-read this on your "Saturday", whatever that is for you!), and I hope you are enjoying being in the present moment, at least a little bit.

Take a breath.

Let your shoulders drop from your ears, belly soften a bit.

Close your eyes.


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Foodie Friday - No-Sugar-Added Iced Tea all natural diy fitness foodie friday health girl healthgirl how to how-to hydration iced tea quick recipe recipe self care sugar free wellness Apr 01, 2022

So I've had this recipe floating around my house for a few years, and every time someone comes to my house I make it.


Because Every. Single. Person. LOVES IT.

Full Stop.

It's easy, affordable, non-caffeinated, no-sugar-added and incredibly delicious. Great for staying hydrated any time of...

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