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Balancing a busy work life, family, and personal health can be challenging. HealthGirl helps you get fit, eat well and have fun at your own pace, at every age and ability level, everywhere you are. Start your wellness journey now with HealthGirl!

NEW! In-Person Classes with Meghann and Laura

NEW and Ready to Roll! HealthGirl and Aurora Life Sports have teamed up for yoga and fitness classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings starting in January 2024. Register now and get early discounts of up to 39% on classes and packages!


NEW! Cozy Yin

In-Person Yoga Workshop

Join Meghann in person on December 10, 2023, for a 2-hour workshop intended to bring tranquillity and coziness into your life. Enjoy an enriching experience of gentle Yin yoga, focused on mind-body stress relief. 


NEW! Restore Your Zen

Online Restorative Workshop

Join Meghann online on December 15, 2023, for an evening of gentle Restorative yoga postures with lots of comfy pillows and blankets to make this a profoundly relaxing experience.

Bev B.

Ontario, CAN

"Thank you for all you do Meghann, you are such an inspiration and you give us HOPE!"

Jo-Anne S.

Ontario, CAN

"I truly look forward to all the classes I attend each week as they seem like belonging to a second family."

Julie D.

Ohio, USA

"She really focuses on what her students are capable of doing with genuine care, humour and kindness."

Yoga Classes

If you can breathe, if you have a body, you can do yoga. We have many styles of yoga for every person, whether you are a first-timer or an experienced practitioner. Our classes help all students find their way to yoga postures in a safe way for each person, ensuring that you are challenged, but not pushed beyond your own safe limits. When our live classes don't suit your schedule, we have recorded yoga classes in our subscription-based AnyTime Studio.

Fitness Classes

Our fitness classes are designed to use minimal equipment, and give many variations, so that students of all levels are able to participate to their own full extent safely. The classes are short so that you can push yourself within your own limits, and not overexert yourself - you'll sweat, but it'll be over before you know it! When our live classes don't suit your schedule, we have recorded fitness classes in our subscription-based AnyTime Studio.

Meditation & Lifestyle

If you're looking for something less physical, but still helping you to improve your wellness, we also offer meditation, mindfulness, natural wellness and nutrition classes for all. These guided practices are offered in both the subscription-based Anytime studio, and as part of our course curriculum. This is a great way to compliment your physical practice by bringing a holistic approach to managing your health and wellness. 

What can you expect from a HealthGirl class?

HealthGirl is all about finding ways to have fun while you safely move your body and calm your mind through guided classes. We offer a variety of yoga and fitness classes that help you to increase strength, cardiovascular health and overall mobility, and reduce the risk of injury. Additionally, we provide guided meditation to help relax the mind, nutrition and wellness classes, and DIY's to have fun.

All Levels

A variety of class styles and modifications to help every body be healthy & active.

Diverse Classes

Choose different types of fitness, yoga, meditation, nutrition & fun DIY videos.

Mobile Friendly

Content that works on mobile platforms through a browser & Kajabi app.

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Our Anytime studio offers unlimited access to all of our videos. Any class, any time, you’ll get access to them all. You'll stay consistent to reach your wellness goals, all from the comfort of home or anywhere you have internet!