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How HealthGirl Helps You Every Day

Nov 27, 2022

This week I answer one of our most commonly asked questions, "What does HealthGirl do??"

Here is a quick breakdown of our paid and free services to help you make the most of your life, each and every day.

Our free services comprise our social media and blog posts, where we try to share science-backed, relevant and positive wellness information to help you make good choices for your life every day. Things like getting fresh air each day, drinking more water, being kind to yourself.

We want you to understand you are worth being compassionate to!

Our basic paid service is our AnyTime Studio - this is a monthly subscription of only $22.60 per month (in Canadian dollars, your currency may appear in a different amount depending on conversions).

In this subscription you get unlimited access to our ever-expanding library of videos, including different types and lengths of yoga, fitness, meditation/mindfulness, nutrition, DIY and more.

This membership includes exclusive access to our 30-day plans for all levels - we have chair based plans, beginner mover plans and more are coming.

You also get FREE access to our weekly live online beginner yoga classes on Saturday morning (I only take one weekend off per month).

And did we mention you get a FREE 7-day trial to check it all out and see if it's your cup of tea? Cancel within the 7 day trial period and never have a charge! It's a no-brainer, especially as most online live classes are $15-20 EACH, and this is included with all of our recorded content! Check that out here: 

The next service we offer are special interest courses. Our "Conquering Anxiety - Your Self-Healing Quest" course launched in September to RAVE reviews and gives you lifetime access to the digital and printable manual, including all future updates. This course is meant to be completed over at least 8 weeks and guides you through a holistic mind-body journey to manage your anxiety not just with your thoughts, but also with your lifestyle. Our students have found it incredibly helpful in reducing their anxiety many times over. See that course here: 

Coming up next are 2 NEW courses - we have a Breath-work and Mindfulness Meditation course and a Plant Based Nutrition for Beginners course, launching soon! Keep checking our store and sign up for our emails to get early access!

Our third paid service is our Lifestyle Coaching. This is a holistic approach to helping you manage and reach your goals in a way that suits your personal lifestyle. We use a tailored approach to help you add or subtract habits in small, bite-sized steps so that you are always feeling confident, never overwhelmed. Every plan is different, because every client is different! In addition to having weekly meetings to chat about your plan, see how you are doing and modify as needed, you get a personalized video just for you once per month. This may be anything from a 5 minute meditation or how-to video, or a 60-minute customized video to help you with a certain aspect of your goals. You also get FREE access to the AnyTime Studio for as long as you are a coaching client! See our Coaching here: 

Questions? Let me know, I'm always here for you: [email protected] 

More fun wellness goodies are coming soon, stay tuned!



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