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Get Better Sleep - In Depth! Mar 08, 2023

As promised, we get into the nitty-gritty to get you some good, restful, tranquil SLEEP  

Check it out now, and start getting the best sleep of your life tonight ♥ 



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Inner Peace, Outer Glow Beginner Workshop is Here! Mar 06, 2023

You’ve asked, we’ve worked SO hard to bring you this 2-hour workshop.  

In it, you’ll learn how to calm your mind, help your sleep, and transform your health with beginner breath work and mindfulness meditation. All are welcome, this online workshop is going to help...

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Get Better Sleep - Short Overview Mar 01, 2023

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Sleep - we all need it, and most of my clients and students will tell me they don't seem to get enough, so today is a quick overview on some ways to get better sleep. 

Stay tuned for next week...

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Wellness Wednesday - 5 Basics of Self Care Explained Feb 15, 2023

Last week you got an overview of what the 5 Basics of Self Care are.

Today, we go into detail, giving you a more thorough look at how this can actually look in your daily life.  

Remember the basics?  






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It's Not Always Easy or Simple Jan 03, 2023

It’s not simple. 

We don’t all have the same 24 hours in a day, which means each person’s self care will be different. 

Yeah, I get it, I really do. 

I have a new puppy, getting me up in the middle of the night and I’m exhausted. 

But I’m still...

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Holistic Living Series - Sleep Sep 23, 2022

In a world where everything seems to shout at us to move and do more, we often find that sleep becomes elusive, and no wonder! With so many things vying for our attention, it is hard for our brains and bodies to calm and slow.

The fact remains, however, that sleep it vital for recovery of...

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