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Get Better Sleep - Short Overview

Mar 01, 2023

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Sleep - we all need it, and most of my clients and students will tell me they don't seem to get enough, so today is a quick overview on some ways to get better sleep. 

Stay tuned for next week as we deep dive into each of these pointers to give you extra help in areas you need!

Those pointers?

  • Give yourself enough time
  • Create a wind down routine 2 hours before you actually get into bed
  • Take a bath or shower, or do something nice and relaxing like using a body moisturizer
  • Journal/brain dump/check your schedule for tomorrow
  • Supplements (but only with Dr. approval)
  • Comfy, cooler room temperature for your bedroom
  • Block out as much light as possible with dark or blackout curtains
  • Diffuse/topically use essential oils
  • Block out noise with brown noise or similar
  • Use comfy PJ's and linens

Try some of these for now and come back next week as we go deeper to help you get better zzz's.

And if you want even more in the palms of your hands, consider trying the AnyTime Studio, where we have great nighttime yoga routines for all levels (including Nidra, where all you have to do is listen!) to help you relax and sleep. Join here with a FREE 7-day trial: 

Cheers to your good sleep, my friend!


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