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Inner Peace, Outer Glow Beginner Workshop is Here!

Mar 06, 2023

You’ve asked, we’ve worked SO hard to bring you this 2-hour workshop.  

In it, you’ll learn how to calm your mind, help your sleep, and transform your health with beginner breath work and mindfulness meditation. All are welcome, this online workshop is going to help you feel so great in the skin you’re in, and give you a simple practice you’ll be able to do each day to help you stay grounded and boost your mood - even when life throws you curve balls! 

You will learn what breath work and meditation is, some easy to follow techniques, plus a simple practice to do each day (only 3 minutes!) to keep you calm and grounded.

These are techniques I personally use to help my anxiety, and my students have found fantastic results also in their physical and mental health.  

Join now, and see how your life changes for the better: 

See you in the digital studio! 


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