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Thoughtful Thursday - Understanding Our Unique Silence

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(Image via @thegoodquote on Instagram)

How do we communicate with others?

How do we allow others to communicate with us?

Do we get quiet and really listen, or are we too busy?

So often we think we know the people in our lives, that we know ourselves, but how often do we allow those unique silences in and really understand what is being communicated with us?

 Communication, after all, isn't just our words.

It goes beyond.

Our body language.

It goes into the silences, as well.

Have you ever had a relationship (friend, partner or otherwise) where you could just sit in silence, doing nothing and enjoy each other's company?

Maybe you could tell how they were feeling without words, and maybe they could tell how you were feeling without words.

In the silences we discover what isn't said, what doesn't need to be said.

We discover more about ourselves, and when we can know ourselves better, we often can see others better as well.

Try this. 

Sit still in silence with yourself. Notice. 

Notice judgements, notice thoughts, notice how you feel inside and out.

The next time you're with someone, try sitting in silence and letting the silence fill your space. Notice how they hold themselves, how they are communicating without words.

Give yourself the space to have, well, space.

Time and energy to be quiet can be challenging, but it is always worth it.



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