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The Heat Is On for Thursday's Classes! (No Really, The Heat is Fixed!)

Feb 07, 2024

Get ready to add fun to your Thursday night as Meghann and Laura bring the HEAT with Fun Cardio Fitness and Hatha Vinyasa Flow classes!

In all honesty, the heat is now fixed in the room for our in-person classes, and we have appreciated your patience as everything got sorted out.

Meghann has a full-body FUN fitness class at 6:30 pm that will get you moving, laughing and breaking a sweat at every stage of your exercise journey. Bring your mat, indoor-only shoes and water.

Laura has a fantastic Hatha Vinyasa Flow Yoga class at 7:45 pm that is appropriate for all levels and will bring harmony to your mind as you are gently encouraged to strengthen and stretch in the poses. Bring your mat and water.

No matter your style, we are very excited to see you at North Dundas District High School, Room 130. Please arrive 10 minutes early to check in and settle. Drop-ins are welcome, or you can pre-register here: 

See you on your mat!

Meg & Laura

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