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New Online July and August Hatha Session Now Open

accessible yoga beginner yoga consistency hatha yoga health healthgirl mindful natural wellness online yoga summer fun Jun 16, 2022

Ready to keep your consistency to yourself this summer? Join our online Monday Hatha classes in July and August - registration is now open!

So many people tell me they feel lost in the summer... they love vacations and more time with family, time outside in the beautiful weather, but their self care falls to the wayside and they get to fall somehow stressed; they feel it all went by too fast, and they didn't take time for themselves the way they wanted to.

This is why self care consistency is so important, even during times of relaxation. We often think that self care is there to keep us healthy when things go south, but good health is made in the "good" days, the "busy" days, the "vacation" days, too!

This once-per-week beginner Hatha series will help to keep you anchored to your day, keep your self care on a consistent schedule, and help you to remember to be present, so at the end of summer, you have had time to stay in the moment and enjoy every second of your summer!

Plus, it's always good to stay strong and mobile for all of the fun activities you've got planned ;-)

Register now, and let's have some fun on your mat: 

This is a series designed for all bodies, and modifications will be given for almost all poses. Standing poses will be a part of the classes, so the ability to stand with minimal assistance is recommended.

Let me know if you have any questions, I can't wait to see you on your mat in the digital studio!



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