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Motivation Monday - Why I Started HealthGirl, And Why You Should Join

Nov 16, 2022

So many people ask me, "Why HealthGirl? What's the big deal?"

In today's quick video, I talk about exactly that - why I started HealthGirl and why it is so important for your health and wellbeing to be a part of our community.

You see, HealthGirl was born out of necessity - I saw so many friends, family and community members needing and wanting to make a change - in their movement habits, nutrition, self care, etc., and just not knowing where to start, or worse, starting a program that said it was for beginners, only to find that it wasn't anything of the sort - it didn't accommodate their mobility levels, their injuries or nutrition needs, and they couldn't continue with the program. 

Starting and not finishing programs made them feel like failures, like there was something "wrong" with them, or left them feeling ashamed that they weren't "better".

In actuality, most "beginner" programs are nothing of the sort, which is why I created HealthGirl.

I want you to be able to start moving and building your confidence in a safe, compassionate way.

In a way that suits your lifestyle, body, goal needs and finances.

You see, when you find a program that suits all of the above, you're more likely to enjoy it, use it, and benefit from it. That's how you get and stay healthy, body and mind.

HealthGirl is here for you.

We've got so much to offer, from recorded and live content, 30-day plans, courses, coaching and so much more.

Come on in, the door is open, and we are so happy to have you be a part of our community.

OH! Remember! Saturday November 19 is our next FREE online live Hatha yoga class - exclusively for AnyTIme Studio Subscribers! Join now and get a free 7-day trial here: 

See you on your mat!

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