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Motivation Monday - Set Your Intention

May 09, 2022

Welcome to a new week, where you get to start fresh on whatever goals you choose to work towards.

So, what will it be?

What will you work on?

Whatever it is, set your intention to achieve it.

Take your goal, break it into little tiny pieces, and then set your intention, like an arrow.

That arrow then becomes your focus.

Your focus to hit that target with your arrow, just as an arrow speeds towards an archery target bullseye.

Don't hit the target your first try?

That's ok!

Set your intention, draw back the arrow, and shoot for the target again.

You see, this isn't baseball.

This isn't school.

This isn't even Wordle.

You don't get a finite number of chances before you are considered to be "failing".

This is real life. And the fact is, you get an infinite number of chances to meet your goal.

And I know you can do it, if you just keep trying.

Set your intention, take your shot, and work towards your goals.

You can do it.

Take a deep breath, release that arrow!



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