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Motivation Monday - Plan Your Week of YOU

Apr 04, 2022

Happy Monday!

It's a new week - how will you make the most of it?

I don't mean by "being productive" in our society's sense of the word, where you judge your worth by your hustle or productivity or sales.

I mean, how will you make the most of your week with YOU?

Move your body at least 10 minutes, 3 times this week.

Go for a walk (even just 5 minutes of fresh air!) most days.

Stretch your body to relieve tension.

Get outside and be mindful of the present moment.

Clean one thing. I know it sounds weird, but cleaning your space cleans your energy and lightens your mood.

Most Importantly:

Be kind to yourself.

You are amazing.

You have this week to make the most of your time on this earth as you.

That's a very important thing, because no one else is you. No one thinks or feels or processed the way you do, which means you have a unique and fascinating perspective on this earth, one that you deserve to have seen and heard.

You have the ability to make someone smile. To ease a hurt. To fix a problem.

You have this one lifetime, this one body, so take care of yourself so that you can enjoy every second you have.

You are precious, remember that.

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