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Labour Day and the Value of Rest and Self-Appreciation

acknowledgement hard work holiday labour day online yoga positivity rest rest day self care Sep 04, 2022

Happy Labour Day! To some, this is a holiday, to others a work day, and to still others, a day to get ready for back-to-school, if it already hasn't happened. yet.

But what's the big deal, anyway? What does Labour day even mean? 

Labour Day was started in the 1800's as a way for the "working classes" to live in community, stay connected, and celebrate their labours and the ability to rest. Traditionally, there were parades and community events. Now, people are more likely to have family time, rest and relax on this day off - if they are indeed able to take the time off.

But whether or not we have this day off, it is a good time to reflect on how hard we do actually work - we often forget in the hustle and bustle just how much "hustling" we actually do!

We also tend to forget that we are allowed to rest - and not just mindless scrolling, but allowing time to slow down, do little, perhaps a little something just for you, like going for a walk, taking a nice shower or bath, or practicing some gentle yoga.

Give yourself credit for all you actually do - and be sure to include the often overlooked "emotional labour" that goes into running a home - grocery planning and shopping, meal planning and preparation, cleaning, laundry, and even self care emotional labour - "how do I schedule 'me time' when every second seems taken?"

Give yourself credit for every little (and not so little!) thing you do, and give yourself a gentle pat on the back.

Tell yourself out loud, "Well done!"

Get yourself some rest.

And Happy Labour Day!



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