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Technique Tuesday - Warrior 1 Part 3

Jun 07, 2022

Welcome back to our final instalment of our Warrior 1 for Technique Tuesdays! Today we are exploring another way to use this foundational pose, Virabhadrasana 1 or Warrior 1 pose by using a chair.

This is a pose used on its own, and also as a transitional posture in so many yoga practices, but it isn't often that we slow down and just practice this, and see what feels comfortable for our own bodies. 

See the last 2 weeks for the main way that this pose it taught if you want to see the standing versions. Today we look at the chair version because yoga really IS for EVERY BODY!!

We're modifying this pose today to assume that perhaps you have trouble balancing, or can't stand for long periods of time - this is SUPER common! And it's why we are exploring it today.

Today we start in Tadasana, standing behind a sturdy chair. Use the chair to support you as you ground through your right foot and step your left foot back. Heel can be down, toes slightly facing out, or heel can be off the ground, leg straight back, heel intending towards the ground, not lifted up.

Keep abdominals engaged, slightly tilt pelvis under, shoulders, hips and abdominals facing the top of your mat. Hold the chair for support, making sure that it is close enough that you aren't leaning too far forward, possibly putting you off balance.

Take a few breaths here, then slowly step forwards with the left foot, back into Tadasana. Try on the other side and see how you feel.

For the seated Chair version, start in Tadasana or seated upright pose, facing straight ahead in your chair as you would normally sit. Take your right leg and bring it so it faces sideways from your chair, foot flat on the earth. Shift your hips to face the same way as your right knee.

Move your left leg (lift it if you need to, being mindful of your back - engage your abdominal muscles to protect your spine) behind you and slightly out to the side. You will need to shift your seat more to the edge of your chair, so be mindful of your balance and only go as far as is safe for you.

Keep hips, abdomen and shoulders facing forwards, lightly engaging your abdominals and slightly tilting the pelvis under so that you aren't sinking into your lower back.

If your low back isn't very comfortable in this pose, try to lift the back heel, still intending it toward the ground, but by having the heel up, the leg is extended straight back from the hips, instead of slightly twisted from the hip, this can reduce low back pressure. Technically this is called Crescent Lunge, but if it works for you, this can be your variation of Warrior 1!

Hands can be at heart's centre or overhead. Some prefer to even keep hands on hips or on the chair for added balance.

Ground down through feet, hips, relax shoulders and jaws.

Take a few breaths here, then when you're ready, slowly shift back to seated Tadasana. Take a few breaths, and try on the other side.

Notice how you feel on one side versus the other! There is usually a difference between the sides. Don't force, listen to your body.

I hope you enjoyed part 3, and be sure to check out our store to see our AnyTime Studio memberships, as well as when we have our live online classes to try this out in real time! See it all here: 



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