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Thoughtful Thursday - Let's Talk Mental Health Feb 09, 2023

Mental health is crucial to your overall wellbeing, but it often isn't until something goes wrong that we really give it a thought. 

Here's a quick video on why we need to take better care and pay more attention to our mental health. 

Want more? Visit us at and join...

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Thoughtful Thursday - Stand In Your Light May 26, 2022

Close your eyes for a moment.

Breathe in.... and out.

Notice how you feel. 

I'd like you to think back to the last time you went out on a limb, tried something different, tried something new that you really wanted to try, only to have someone judge you.

How did it feel?

Did it stop you from...

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Thoughtful Thursday - Communicate to Heal May 12, 2022

(Image @quotesbychristie via Instagram)

When things are hard, when you're having a bad day, it can seem even harder to talk about it.

We've been taught to keep a stiff upper lip, or, worse, to "man up" (I personally really hate that one).

We've been taught to not be so emotional, not complain,...

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Thoughtful Thursday - Let It Out May 05, 2022

(Image via @wawawia on Instagram)

Sometimes we carry too much. We say we will "deal with it later" but we don't. We push it down and then something else comes along that we have to carry, so we push that down as well, and on and on.

Here's the thing:

It's ok to let it out.

It's ok to cry, howl,...

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Thoughtful Thursday - Do You Allow Yourself to Feel? Apr 14, 2022

(Image by @iamtaniahart via Instagram)

Take a quiet moment for yourself.

Place a hand over your heart space and one over your abdomen.

Close your eyes if you are comfortable.

Whether you are seated or standing, notice how you feel.

How do you feel, right now, in this moment?

What emotions are...

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Thoughtful Thursday - Build Relaxation Into Your Days Mar 31, 2022

(Image credit @myintegrativetherapist via Instagram)

Really, the caption in the image says it all.

We rush through life, producing, hustling, rush, hurry, grind, cram.

Then we get to the end of the day, the week, or finally to our vacation and what happens?

We crash and burn, baby.

We realize...

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