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drawing of a sponge and a spoon, the spoon encouraging the sponge to let it all out.

Thoughtful Thursday - Let It Out

anxiety emotion feeling health girl healthgirl heart opening meditation mindfulness positivity self care self help silence thoughtful thursday May 05, 2022

(Image via @wawawia on Instagram)

Sometimes we carry too much. We say we will "deal with it later" but we don't. We push it down and then something else comes along that we have to carry, so we push that down as well, and on and on.

Here's the thing:

It's ok to let it out.

It's ok to cry, howl, yell it out.

Throw your hands up.

Clench your fists.

Stomp your feet.

Make the meanest faces you can think of.

Get. It. Out.

Like draining poison from a wound, let your emotions come to the surface, allow yourself to feel them, and let them out.

If you have a safe person to vent to, to perhaps hug you when you're done, find them and vent, get a hug.

You are allowed to be human, to let it out. You are allowed to feel and to heal.

No, you *DESERVE* it.

So give yourself some time today to feel and let it out.

Big, gentle hugs,


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