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Self Care Saturday - Present & Deliberate Feb 11, 2023

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Self Care Saturday is important. 

Self care every day is vital, really. 

Your physical and mental health depends on it. 

And it doesn’t have to be much. 

Today’s self care looked like a slow morning with my journal, my Daily Stoic...

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Self Care Saturday - Slow Mornings Feb 05, 2023

Today’s self care Saturday looks like a slow morning with my protein shake, my hot cocoa, my gratitude journal, and my book. 

Taking time each morning to be grateful, to journal a few things I’m thinking and feeling, to be slow and deliberate, to enjoy my breakfast, is how I like...

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Motivation Monday - Falling Helps You Succeed May 16, 2022



It hurts.

It sucks.

We avoid it at all costs - after all, we were taught that in school, if we fail a test, or fall off the monkey bars, we're not going to pass our classes, we're going to be laughed at, we aren't going to be "cool", or "rich" or, "successful".

So we do...

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Thankful Thursday - Family Apr 21, 2022
A very #thankfulthursday for SheRa the Boston Terrier.
With the global situation affecting our ability to get her prescription medication and food for her disease, she’s been declining more lately.
She’s still happy most of the time, but we know we are on borrowed time.
Every second...
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