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woman in reclined hero yoga pose with caption, "Your Weaknesses are your superpowers"

Your Weaknesses Are Your Superpowers

Nov 07, 2022

A consistent yoga practice helps us recognize our limitations, and then use those as our unique strengths.
By seeing ourselves as flesh and blood, as imperfect, we release our need for perfection.
By releasing our need for perfection, we concentrate on the NOW.
By concentrating on the now, we can do the work (and play!) that we need to help ourselves be at our healthiest and happiest.
When we are healthy and truly content, we see our strengths within our limitations, instead of the judgements within them.
Yoga works our bodies, yes, but it also works our minds, and that is so fundamentally important if we are truly to help ourselves be at our best ♥️
Want to feel and be your best? Join me Tuesdays and Thursdays at Bodhi Tree Yoga in Kemptville at 9:00AM for Back Care Yoga, a great practice for beginners and experts alike as we gently strengthen and stretch our spines and core bodies to relieve and prevent back pain.
See you on your mat!

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