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woman in Barre and Pilates positions teaching beginner fitness in standing curl and reclined single leg stretch

Tuesday Barre/Pilates Blend at 7:30AM ET Live Online

Sep 18, 2023

Our AnyTime Studio membership has more live online classes for you to care for your health! Try this for FREE with your 7-day risk-free trial at as part of your AnyTime Studio membership 😀

Tuesday morning 45-Minute Barre/Pilates Blend Fitness at 7:30 AM ET is a fantastic way to start your week. This week we will be starting with a gentle warm-up of simple stretches, then move on to standing Barre-based low-impact cardio, followed by Pilates-based mat moves. Some light stretches to finish the class, leaving you feeling energized and proud of your work.

See you in the digital studio!

Cheers to your good health,

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