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That Time I Almost Had a Breakdown in the Grocery Store, and This Thing Saved My Bacon

Mar 17, 2023

I have anxiety. You know it, I know it, most people who come to the blog or my classes know it. Grocery stores in particular are hard for me, and cause very serious anxiety attacks.

One day I was trying to shop, and hubby had asked for ham (I know I said bacon in the title but this is easier), and for some unknown reason, the grocery store had moved EVERYTHING around. I couldn't find anything, and my usual, high-level anxiety was ratcheting up to total body shaking, hyperventilating, near breakdown levels.

But I calmed down.

Know how?

I did a simple, 3-minute exercise to breathe and reset my nervous system.

Right in the grocery store, holding my cart. No one knew. Anyone looking at me would have thought I was looking at my grocery list.

But it calmed me. I was able to catch my breath, stop the shaking, and calm my mind enough to see the stupid ham was Right. In. Front. Of. Me.

This simple but powerful technique is one of a few I will teach this Sunday in our Inner Peace, Outer Glow online breath and mindfulness workshop.

You need it.

You might not have crippling anxiety like I do, but it will help you calm down the next time you're stressed out (think screaming kids, standstill traffic when you're already late, an overbearing boss, etc.).

It'll reconnect you with your body, breath and mind, so that you can sleep better, boost your mood, and generally feel better in your everyday life.

Sign up now, this is invaluable for every part of your life.

You'll get downloadable printable worksheets, and a recording of the workshop to use forever.

Join in now:

You'll be very glad you did.



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