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Motivation Monday - You Are Worthy of Healing

Feb 06, 2023

Save for when you need this. 

“I couldn’t heal because I kept pretending I wasn’t hurt.” - Timothy Heard

Stop pretending. 

Start healing. 

You’re worthy. 

I say this from experience as well. 

For so long I denied my hurt. 

I pushed it way down, saying it wasn’t real, it wasn’t time, I wasn’t ready. 

And while it takes time and readiness to heal, most often what we lack is the feeling that we are worthy of healing. 

Read that again. 

We feel we aren’t worthy, that somehow we “deserve” to be hurt or traumatized. 


You don’t deserve to be anything but happy, healthy and well. 

You are worthy of feeling, healing and being happy. 

Now read that again. 

Put it in your heart. Keep it with you. 

You are not alone. There are others on this journey, too. 

And we are all here, walking alongside you, hand in hand and heart to heart ❤️ 

Hugs, my friend, you can do this. 


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