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Motivation Monday - Start With a Mantra

Mar 06, 2023

Ok, ok, so hear me out.

Mantras get a lot of bad press, mostly because we hear about them being spewed by people who only believe we should eat 'holy' foods that never cast a shadow, or who seem like they haven't bathed in about a million years, or tell us we should drink wheat grass shots while giving off creepy vibes. - Seriously, why don't these guys ever wear shirts???

I'm not talking about those kinds of mantra.

I'm not even talking about spiritual or religious mantra, though they can have a powerful effect if you're into that ("Amen" has been used by Christianity for millennia and seems to work pretty well).

No, I'm talking about a word, or sentence of words, that makes you feel good.

Better than good - powerful, even.

Maybe it's a word you relate to, maybe it's a sentence you want to relate to.

It can be as simple as "Yes", it can be as complex as, "I'm full of financial and spiritual freedom working 4 days per week and spending every spare second with my family making pies".

The point is, it has meaning.

I offer this one to you, as it can be very impactful:

"I am OK".

This sentence or mantra has serious psychological data behind it - all humans (heck, all living things!) have a need to feel safe. Telling yourself, "I am OK" tells your brain that everything is alright and you are safe.

So often we get caught up in life we forget this one simple thing. "I am OK".

Even when things hit the fan and seem pretty terrible in the moment, we can still often stop and take stock of our life as a whole and realize that yes, we are, in fact, OK.

I write this down every morning and repeat it throughout the day.

Every day.

And it helps. It gives me energy, it helps me see that even when things start to fall apart, I can see them as challenges to be solved, rather than insurmountable objects that will stop me in my tracks.


Because, "I am OK".

Try this out over the next few days and see how it works, or try another that speaks to you better.

Share yours favourite mantras (if you're comfortable with it) below!

Here's to your good health, friend.

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