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Motivation Monday - Become Free

Mar 13, 2023

"The greatest fear in the world is of the opinions of others, and the moment you are unafraid of the

crowd, you are no longer a sheep, you become a lion. A great roar arises in your heart, the roar of freedom."

~ Osho

We all have that conditioning in us, some more so than others, but it still is there - "What if so-and-so doesn't like what I [insert clothing, way of speech, work product, etc here]? What if they make fun of me?"

There are so many examples, many of my students when they first come to me are worried about "looking dumb," whether they are absolute beginners or not, and I have to tell them, "so what? So what if you aren't perfect? So what if your body moves or looks or works differently than others? NO ONE IS PERFECT!"

So often we get so caught up in the opinions of others - real or imaginary - that we don't take that next step in our journey.

We don't take that job offer.

We don't take that trip.

We don't wear that outfit that our heart secretly longs to wear.

We don't celebrate our accomplishments - big or small.

It's heartbreaking, and something that I'll be honest I'm still working on as well.

So, my friend, let's do this big thing together: Let's stop worrying about what other people might think or do or say.

If we aren't hurting anyone, what they heck does it even matter, anyway?

Let's take this step into freedom, become lions, and roar from the tops of the mountains as we allow ourselves to be seen as we are - free, joyous, vibrant and utterly, perfectly unique.

Let the earth tremble at our magnificence.

Let us achieve heights we've never allowed ourselves to achieve before.

Let's be free from judgement (and also judging others)!

I'm so excited to see where you go from here with your newfound freedom.

And I'm cheering you on, every step of the way.

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