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Monday Motivation - All You Need to Do is Try Your Best

Mar 21, 2022

(Image credit @fieldsatbloom via Instagram)

Happy Monday, folks! It's the start of a new day, the start of a new week, and a chance to turn to a fresh page of your life.

I know it gets hard when we open our phones, laptops, tablets and see people we admire living "the good life" and it is hard not to compare. **side note, if you're following anyone who makes you feel less than your fabulous, amazing self, PLEASE unfollow them! You don't need that kind of negativity in your life!**

Here's the thing: it might look like someone's got it all together from the outside looking in. They might have the best photo filter, the most put-together outfits, maybe their kids are all well dressed and sticky-Cheerio-free when you see them at the school drop-off line.

But I can guarantee you, there are aspects of their life that you know nothing about.

There are days/weeks/months they have a hard time holding it together, but they hide it when they see you, probably for fear of being judged. See, they probably think the same about you, too.

"What???" You think, "No-one thinks I have it ALL together, that's ridiculous! They just have to look at my giant laundry mountain that never gets folded, my stairs that don't get vacuumed every week, or [insert other perceived imperfection]!" 

Yeah, but they don't see that, do they? Or, at least not often.

Social media lies, folks. You see a very small glimpse of reality, filtered, edited, curated.

The truth is, NO ONE really knows what they are doing all of the time. 

And that is a very, very good thing.

It means we are all in the same ocean together. Not the same boat, but the same ocean. We are all dealing with different things that we are all trying to learn to manage as best we can.

And that's all you have to do, really.

Just do the best you can, each day, each hour, each step, each breath.

Just do your best.

Take care of yourself. Drink your water, eat your veggies, get a little bit of sun. Try to laugh at something genuinely funny. Compliment a stranger in an honest way (don't fake it, really find something to compliment them on, and see how they brighten, and then notice how you walk a little taller as well). Do your best.

Because no one really knows what they are doing, we all are in the same ocean, and we can all learn to have compassion for others, and most especially, ourselves.

Do your best, and have a great day, I'm so proud of you!


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