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Foodie Friday - No-Sugar-Added Iced Tea

Apr 01, 2022

So I've had this recipe floating around my house for a few years, and every time someone comes to my house I make it.


Because Every. Single. Person. LOVES IT.

Full Stop.

It's easy, affordable, non-caffeinated, no-sugar-added and incredibly delicious. Great for staying hydrated any time of year, any time of day or night. Great for adults, great for kids, and for those that enjoy alcohol, you can add a bit of rum or tequila and it's delicious (please enjoy responsibly over the age limit where you live).

Now of course lemons have natural sugar in them, so if you are sugar sensitive or diabetic, please do your calculations to keep safe.

Ok, recipe:

2 litre container

4 bags Twinings Raspberry Pomegranate Tea, brewed in boiling water until cool, at least 15 minutes, preferably an hour.

1/4-1/2 cup lemon juice (I use Lakewood Organic, but use whatever you have that doesn't have sugar added, or squeeze actual lemons - I'm lazy, lol.)

Liquid Stevia to taste (I use Now Liquid Stevia and about 10-15 drops, but start with 10 and go from there to your tastes, or use whatever brand you choose)

1-2 cups ice

Add ice to container, pour lemon juice and stevia over, then add tea. Fill with water to the top, stir or shake and then enjoy!

I, no word of a lie, drink probably 2 litres of this every single day. I love it, it tastes delicious and I know I'm staying hydrated. I'll even add unflavoured BCAA's before a workout to it and you can't even taste it (IYKYK).


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