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A New Month is a Reminder You Can Start Again

Feb 01, 2023

This is a transcript from the video, I hope you enjoy it!

Hey friend, Happy February 1st, I'm sitting here doing my journaling, and it got me thinking.

It's a new month, and if months are allowed to start again, if weeks, days, hours and even minutes are allowed to start again, Maybe so can you?

So maybe your New Year's resolutions have fallen to the wayside? Maybe you haven't followed through on a promise to yourself or whatever it is.

Maybe you're feeling the opportunity’s passed you by, or it's too late, or I can't change. I can't start again.

You can! If you give yourself the chance, you're allowed.

And sometimes, yes things will not be able to happen if you don't pounce on the opportunity the second it comes by, but most of the time in my experience, if you want to start again, if you give yourself permission to start again, you can.

So here's me telling you, you can start again. I'm here with you every step of the way.



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