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Meghann on a yoga mat with title beginner barre/pilates low impact express fitness health girl new yoga studio opening July 8, 2024.

7 More Days; Let's Try Barre/Pilates Low Impact Fitness!

Jul 02, 2024

7 more days until our first classes start on July 8, 2024! I wish I could say I have a ton of moving pictures for you, but I forgot. We moved most of the big stuff in today and I sprained my right pinky finger (I have no idea how, so don't ask), but it's not bad. We broke one thing, but we are fixing it now, and I'm really excited to get it all set up. The floors have 2 coats of wax and will look superb when you come in for classes.

Speaking of classes, let's look at Barre/Pilates Low Impact Fitness!

This is an Express class, meaning it is 45 minutes long and runs on Tuesday from 7:30-8:15 AM so it gives you enough time to get a class in and then get to work/get the kids on the bus/start your day (Express Hatha takes place on Thursday at 7:30 AM).

 This is a fantastic class for beginners and beyond to build stability, and mobility, and improve strength and cardiovascular health - all while having fun! You'll get lots of modifications so almost everyone, regardless of skill or mobility level can participate to their fullest without ever feeling lost, left behind or bored. You'll have low-impact cardio movements to raise your heart rate, learn some simple yet effective mat Pilates movements and use a chair for Barre-inspired movements to achieve a well-rounded physique without torturing yourself - heck, you might even have fun! You'll need indoor-only fitness shoes, your mat and some water. Classes are 45 minutes long.

Will you give it a try? Everyone who does it loves it!

You can reserve your spot here:

I can't wait to see you on your mat!


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