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6 Days To Our First Classes, Here's Looking at Yin

Jul 03, 2024

The move into the new studio is going well, I'll have progress pics in a separate post, but for now, we are 6 days until our first classes on Monday, July 8, 2024! You can reserve your spots, see the schedule and buy packages when you go to this link:

Let's look at Yin Yoga today, a great class for beginners and beyond to relax and stretch!

Beginner Yin Yoga: 

These classes focus on holding gentle stretches for longer periods in order to gently stretch your connective tissues. Muscles generally take 30-60 seconds to stretch. They can stretch both statically (staying still) and dynamically (with gentle movement). Still, tissues like fascia, tendons and ligaments require longer, usually a minimum of 3 minutes, and are much safer when stretched statically (when still or with very slow, minor adjustments). Yin also has fantastic meditative and restorative qualities. When holding gentle stretches for longer, your mind and body are gently encouraged to relax. Many people find that they sleep much better after doing a Yin Yoga class. Students are always encouraged to listen to their bodies and only go to where they feel gentle sensations, NOT pain, when stretching, and to breathe. Self-adjustment, as the pose time lengthens, is always encouraged to make sure the student feels safe and is not stretching beyond their comfortable limits. These classes will use similar postures from week to week, but in different configurations to ensure the students get the most from their classes. Classes are 60 minutes long.

 What do you think? Will you give it a try?

I can't wait to see you on your mat when we open next week! Studio progress pics coming soon :)



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