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5 Days, Let's POWER (Yoga) Through!

Jul 04, 2024

I'll have more sneaky peeks for you soon as I spent most of the day unpacking, organizing and getting more fun things set up for you, and it's feeling like we are really getting down to the wire - the new studio opens for classes on Monday, July 8, 2024!

Today, let's look at Power Yoga, another one of our more popular classes, and these are taught both by myself (Meghann) and Brad. Remember, you can see our schedule and reserve your spot here: 

Power Yoga: 

For those who want a bit more of a physical practice, but don't want to go to a traditional gym, this is a great option. We focus on building stability and strength, along with stretching, using basic and intermediate yoga postures. Alternatives are given whenever possible for those who may need to make things less challenging, as well as ways to turn up the heat for those who wish to explore more difficulty in their practice. This is great for those who think they can't stay still for very long! These beginner power classes will usually change each week to keep your body guessing while building strength and flexibility. Students are always encouraged to listen to their bodies and not to push beyond their physical and mental limits. Classes are 60 minutes long.

 Will you give it a try? If you've practiced Hatha or are active fairly regularly, you might find this a fun challenge!

Brad and I can't wait to see you on your mats!


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