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Who The Heck Is Meghann Lynch?

Nov 21, 2022

Hey friends! It's time to answer another of my most-asked questions about HealthGirl, and this week I'm answering the very common question, "Who are you?"

Here it is!

Want more helpful info? Join me on the AnyTime Studio here or in my in person classes at Bodhi Tree Yoga in Kemptville on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for Back Care yoga - remember, I'm only filling in for these in person classes until December 13, so come while you can!

Questions? Comments? Thoughts or suggestions? Email me at [email protected] 

Now, you know exactly what I'm going to tell you: drink your water, move your body, get outside for some fresh air and CELEBRATE! We've only got this one existence this one time - make the most of it!



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