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Technique Tuesday - Warrior 3 Part 2

Mar 14, 2023

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Let’s continue our Technique Tuesday series with a new variation of last week's posture, Warrior 3, also called Airplane or Virabhadrasana 3.

This is a series of videos where each video shows different modifications to help you find a comfortable fit for your body - remember, all bodies are different, which means our postures will look and feel different, too!

Warrior 3 can be a fun and challenging posture that helps strengthen and stretch hips and legs, builds balance, helps upper body posture and builds core strength. This helps strengthen feet and ankles as well.

Keep coming back over the next few weeks as we go through this posture with modifications so that you can find the best fit for your body at any time, and look at last week's video for more.

Find the full length video on our blog, or in easy reach on the AnyTime Studio on - you’ll love how you feel when you commit to your wellness each day with easy to follow videos suited to your body, energy levels and mobility levels. 7-day free trial when you go to

See you in the digital studio 🤩


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