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Move to CELEBRATE Your Body, Never Punish It!

Jan 24, 2023

Movement is natural, we do it as children without thinking.
We run and play and dance and hop and smile without thinking about how it looks, or what others think.
We just move because it feels good and we are unconsciously celebrating our life.
Because our bodies and minds are worthy of celebrating.
YOU are worth celebrating.
If it feels nice, if you notice you feel better after you dance or do yoga or exercise, then keep doing it.
But if you’re doing it to “earn” your dessert, or “get ready for vacation”, please, stop.
Stop and understand that you are worth treating well.
You are already worthy of the dessert.
You already have a beach body.
You deserve to feel good when you exercise, do yoga, dance, whatever.
You. Are. Worthy.
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