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Announcing Our Brand New Course - Conquering Anxiety - Your Self-Healing Quest!

anxiety anxiety course conquering anxiety course health girl healthgirl mental health self help Aug 26, 2022

This has been over a year in the making, and it's so exciting to finally be able to announce that the full-length course, "Conquering Anxiety - Your Self-Healing Quest" is now available for pre-sale!

This is a deep dive into what anxiety is, its causes, symptoms, effects, and how to successfully manage it in a fully holistic way - body and mind.

Learn how the right kind of physical activity at the right time can help calm and even prevent anxiety attacks.

Learn about how food can impact your anxiety, and how to help.

Discover how hydration affects digestion, which affects your anxiety.

See different types of supplementation - from clinically proven vitamins and minerals, as well as anecdotally positive supplements can help drastically improve anxiety symptoms, sleep, digestion and more.

Practice mind and life hacks to help prevent and manage your anxiety symptoms in a way that fits your lifestyle and encourages compassion and empathy for yourself.

This course is built so that you can "habit stack" - that is, build small habits into your life over time so that you don't overwhelm yourself with everything all at once.

This course is available in 2 streams -

  • Manual Only so that you can self-guide at your own pace
  • Or, join me for a Guided Course with Manual, where we will meet as a group weekly for 8 weeks via Zoom, go through the course together, answer your questions, and provide community for each other on your healing quest. All live sessions will be recorded so that you can catch up or rewatch on your own time.

Best of all? You'll have LIFETIME ACCESS to this course and all materials!

Plus, right now, if you order before Saturday August 27, 2022 at 11:59PM ET, you can get $50 off your Guided Course with Manual by using the code 50OFF - You'll also get a few freebies, including a free recipe mini e-book, a free essential oil DIY mini e-book, and an anxiety emergency kit list to help you build your own emergency kit just for you!

I really hope you'll join me, this is going to be an amazing way for you to understand your brain and body better, and really Conquer your anxiety once and for all!

Join Guided Course with Manual here: 

Join Manual Only Course here: 

Questions? Message me! [email protected] 

See you soon!


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