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(Credit card required at sign up but cancelling before the end of the 7-day trial will not result in any charges. All content is used at your own risk - you agree by signing up that you are capable of starting a physical activity program. Always talk to a licensed physician before beginning a new program or if your health status changes. All participants must fill out and sign a waiver and activity readiness questionnaire before beginning with HealthGirl Canada and once per year thereafter or if their health status changes in any way. This site is not meant to diagnose or treat any illnesses or injuries. Please see a licensed medical professional before beginning a physical activity program if you have any health concerns, injuries or if you are pregnant or if your health status changes at any time. You are responsible for telling us if your health status has changed before beginning a class. By continuing, you agree that you will not hold HealthGirl Canada, their affiliates, employees, contractors, or anyone associated with them responsible for any loss, injury, death or illness resulting from using their services. You agree to be contacted in future by HealthGirl Canada). 

What People Are Saying:

I set aside time every day in my calendar for my AnyTime time - NOTHING gets in the way of it because I know that it is keeping me healthy for everything else I love to do in my life. Thank you for such a great service, Meghann, I love what you do!

D. C.

Using the AnyTime Studio is incredibly easy and staying consistent over these last few months has dramatically improved my strength and mobility so that I can enjoy every aspect of my life with friends and family doing what I truly love. Thank you so much, Meghann!

E. T.

Thank you for your great classes and your compassion, Meghann, you give us HOPE!


I love my AnyTime Studio, it's like having family!

J. S.

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