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Business Health Is Within Your Reach.

Are you looking for ways to improve your employees' overall health, decrease stress and improve business productivity? Welcome to the AnyTime Studio, designed to help your employees boost their health - at any age or fitness level. We use a  holistic approach incorporating yoga, fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness practices to help them feel their best physically and mentally. We understand it can be difficult to know where to start or what questions to ask, so we offer a wide range of helpful resources and support to help guide them on their journey. Say goodbye to tired, unhappy workers, and hello to a thriving business culture.

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"Easy to use AnyTime or live online classes. No two classes are the same so you're never bored. So many options. As a mom, it’s perfect after putting the kids to bed or getting up before them and getting in some 'me time' so I can keep up with my kids." ~ Kelsey

"HealthGirl isn’t just an online exercise program, it’s a lifeline.  Meghann is an amazing teacher, instructing every bit of the way!!!  I partake in both online and live classes, and seeing the ladies even though I don’t know them, we're friends!" ~ Bev

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Wellness Is For Anyone, Anywhere, AnyTime.

With the AnyTime Studio Corporate Membership, employees get unlimited access to our constantly growing library of content, specifically designed for absolute beginners up to intermediate-level, including different types and lengths of yoga, fitness, mindfulness, meditation, breath work, and natural wellness videos, printable recipe and DIY's, and so much more. All are accessible "AnyTime", anywhere in the world. All they need is the internet - if they can stream social media videos or streaming services, they can easily access our wellness content. Get ready to experience the benefits of healthy employees for your business.

"Attending Yoga classes more than once a week has been a God send for me personally. I have benefited both physically and emotionally. Your classes have given me structure and social connections/friendships!" ~ J.Smith

"Meghann empowers you, is genuinely caring and encouraging, teaches consistency (good things take time), motivation, mindfulness, breathing, resiliency (forward progress without force), and so much more." ~ Shelley 

Get Exclusive Benefits.

  • 7-day FREE Trial
  • 1 FREE live online class per week*
  • 30-day plans to stay consistent
  • Premium Yoga: Yin, Restorative, Hatha, Power, Nidra, Chair, Back Care, Wellness Boost & How-To Videos
  • Premium Fitness: Low-Impact, HIIT, Back Care, Stability, Cardio & How-To Videos
  • Mindfulness, & Breath Work Videos
  • Recipe, DIY & Natural Wellness content
  • Minimum 2 new videos per month
  • Discounts on other products & services
  • Cancel any time

*some exceptions/restrictions apply

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Help Employees Take Charge of Their Wellness and Join the AnyTime Studio with a FREE 7-Day Trial

Individual Employee Discounts


Email [email protected] today to discuss how we can best serve your business.

If you want to enhance an already-existing wellness program offered by your business or start a new program, having as few as four enrolling employees can give them great discounts on their personal memberships. Live online classes, courses and workshops are also available. Contact us to discuss a corporate discount program that allows them to pay on their own with a corporate code. They'll join the AnyTime Studio online community and you'll both benefit. They'll get unlimited access 24/7 to all AnyTime Studio content.

Employees can practise worldwide, all they need is the internet.

Steep Corporate Wellness Savings


Email [email protected] today to discuss how we can best serve your business.

If you would prefer to organize a program on behalf of your employees, we can arrange group, individual or team accounts to best serve your wellness goals for your organization. Live online classes, courses and workshops are also available. Contact us today to discuss a corporate program that allows you and your employees to benefit from our easy-to-navigate online services. They'll join the AnyTime Studio online community and you'll both benefit. They'll get unlimited access 24/7 to all AnyTime Studio content.

Employees can practise worldwide, all they need is the internet.