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Technique Tuesday - Triangle Variations Pt. 3 accessible yoga anxiety breathe chair yoga exercise feeling ground hamstring health girl healthgirl heart opening hips self care self help technique tuesday triangle triangle pose trikonasana workout yoga yoga pose May 03, 2022

Hello and welcome to a new Techniques Tuesday, where we'll be exploring Trikonasana, or Triangle Pose. Today is a modified chair version, that is usually accessible for many people.

As always, listen to your body, rest and modify as needed, and stop if you feel ANY pain. While this is a pose...

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Wellness Wednesday - Touch the Earth anxiety breathe earth earth day feeling ground health girl healthgirl mindfulness natural wellness positivity self care self help wellness wellness wednesday Apr 20, 2022

Today, take a moment to connect to the Earth.

You know, that big, blue ball that floats through space?

The one we live on, but don't always give a second thought to?

Yeah, that Earth.

Connect with it today.

Earth day is coming and we need to realize that we are more alike with Her than we are...

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