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Autumn Equinox Shows Us Progress and Gratitude Sep 19, 2022

Welcome to fall! The leaves are turning, the apples are ripe, the harvest is coming in, and we can start to see the season changing to cooler, darker days, leading to hibernation and winter months.

Whether you are a fan of pumpkin spice or not (I'm not going to enter that debate!), we can all...

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Motivation Monday - Falling Helps You Succeed May 16, 2022



It hurts.

It sucks.

We avoid it at all costs - after all, we were taught that in school, if we fail a test, or fall off the monkey bars, we're not going to pass our classes, we're going to be laughed at, we aren't going to be "cool", or "rich" or, "successful".

So we do...

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