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Motivation Monday - Make Your Movie Life

anxiety emotion feeling goals health girl healthgirl mindfulness monday monday motivation positivity self care self help wellness wellness reboot May 02, 2022

Welcome to a new month, new week and new Monday!

This week will go the way you want it to - you have a choice to follow the flow or create your own reality.

What I mean is this: whatever happens, you have the choice in how you react to it. You can take any event - positive or negative - and look at it from a positive perspective or a negative one. 

You can choose to do what you think other people want of you, to follow and be worried about others' opinions of you, or you can strike out on your own path, be yourself.

The fact is, this is YOUR life.

You decide how it's going to go.

You have that power, and what power it is!

Look at it like this: your life is like a movie. You can either let others outshine you, boss you around, make you shrink, or YOU can write your own script, step up, and star in your own movie.

Will you be the star of your own movie, or a background "extra"?

You have this one life to live, why spend it making yourself small?

The truth is, you were born to shine!

Take this day as the first day of owning your life. standing up for yourself, being assertive, and "starring" in the "movie" of your life.

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You are worth it!



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