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Wellness Wednesday - An Oil Blend for She-Ra

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Welcome to another Wellness Wednesday, and I thought I would share an essential oil recipe that I've used for She-Ra for 2 years for her mast cell carcinoma.

Full disclosure: essential oils do not cure cancer, and I would always recommend talking with your animal's veterinarian before treating them with essential oils. I use doTERRA essential oils, and have for years, so I can only speak to their purity, quality and efficacy.

She-Ra has been a difficult case for a few reasons - she has many underlying genetic health conditions that mean she can't just take any medications, and while we did do a full round of chemotherapy, chemotherapy alternatives when the chemo stopped working, and surgery to remove the tumour with specialist cancer veterinarians, it came roaring right back. At that point, more chemotherapy was suggested, or full amputation of her left hind leg (where the tumour is), part of her pelvis and part of her sit bone to "possibly" cure her.

I'll be honest, after poking and prodding her for months, and spending $12,000 on treatments we hadn't realized would be so expensive (and didn't have the money for!), we were not prepared to put her through more chemotherapy or surgery for a less than 100% chance of cure rate. The best they could give was 50%, and that is a lot of risk on her tiny body for only half a chance at recovery. Given that surgery is always risky for flat-faced dogs, our lack of funds, and how hard chemotherapy is on organ systems, we decided to look at alternative treatments.

We talked to our regular vets, who are absolutely fantastic (everyone has been, to be honest, even the cancer vets, who really did their best for her and for us), we looked at Chinese medicine, but her system didn't react well.

After personally using essential oils for years myself, and knowing how much they helped me, we sought out a veterinarian who specialized in essential oils and animals. We talked with She-Ra's regular vets as well, and they said that as long as she wasn't ingesting them, she should be fine (the only reason she can't ingest them is due to her liver disease, many dogs can ingest very, very diluted amounts, but only with a veterinarian's approval and guidance).

We talked with the essential oil veterinarian, and she recommended this blend, seen in the video above.

With MCT you have to be very gentle as too much agitation can cause the tumour to grow or spread.

We apply this 3 times per day on her tumour and any leftover goes along her spine. She doesn't lick at it, and seems to like the attention!

The prognosis for these types of tumours, and her type of tumour is generally 1 year when not treated aggressively. She has successfully lived 2 years and is still not showing signs of the tumour metastasizing. I am not saying this is due to the oils alone - there are many factors that may play a role, but I do know that before the oils, the tumour grew and shrank dramatically and was much bigger - even after her surgery - than it is today. The oils seem to have kept it to a manageable size and reduced the amount of size changes that used to occur pre-oils. I'm very happy that I can do something pro-active to help her each day!

While I'm not comfortable giving the recipe out in public, as I want people to talk to a veterinarian before self-treating their animals, if you would like a list of veterinarians that specialize in essential oils and pets, email me at [email protected] and I will send you a list to choose from.

And if you have questions about essential oils, I'm ALWAYS happy to help! They've helped me SO much in the last 5 years, I'm always excited to help other people. Just email me, and let's chat!



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